The payment method of Betnow


Betnow application and payments review

Look at the payment methods available for Betnow. 


The Betnow application allows you to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins to place a bet or to play casino games on Betnow online betting application or website. You have to deposit at least $20 worth of Bitcoins while the max limit of Bitcoins to deposit is $40,000. The transaction will be immediately as soon as you deposit. 

However, the withdrawal limit of Bitcoins is a minimum $5 while the maximum limit to withdraw Bitcoins is $20,000. It takes 24-48 hours to withdraw the Bitcoins from Betnow wallet to your bank account. It does not take an extra charge to transfer the Bitcoins to your bank account. 

Bitcoin cash
The Betnow application allows you to deposit or withdraw the money via Bitcoin cash

The Betnow application allows you to deposit or withdraw the money via Bitcoin cash. The minimum limit to deposit via Bitcoin cash is $20 and the maximum limit is $40,000. The transaction will be immediately as soon as you deposit the cash by Bitcoin cash. 

On the other hand, for withdrawal of money to your account through Bitcoin cash, the minimum amount to withdraw is $5 and the maximum amount to withdraw is $20,000. Within 48 hours the transaction will be done to your bank account without taking any credit or fees for the transaction. 

Bank wire transfer
Betnow Bank wire transfer payment method

With help of a wire transfer, you can deposit money from $500 – $20,000 into your Betnow wallet account. It might take 2-3 days to deposit the amount through the bank wire transfer.

On the other hand, Betnow also allows you to withdraw money ranging from $2,501 to $9,5000. It might take 15 days to add money to your bank account through the bank wire transfer. 

Betnow takes fees to transfer the amount from Betnow wallet account to your bank account. However, the fees may vary according to the amount you want to withdraw.

Let’s say, if you want to withdraw a large amount, the Betnow will take more fees and if you want to withdraw a small amount the Betnow will take small fees for the transfer of the amount. 

These 3 methods are available for deposit as well as withdrawal of money. Other methods available on Betnow are 

For deposit only.

  • Visa: You can deposit $50 to $1,000 using the visa payment method. Transaction will be immediate. 
  • Master card: You can deposit $50-$1,000 using MasterCard. The transaction will be immediate. 
  • American express: deposit amount is the same as that of the above two methods and transaction will also be immediate. 
  • Zele: You can deposit in the limit of $20-$5,000. The transaction takes 2,3 days. 
  • CashMG: The deposit limit via cash MG is $50-$500. The transaction takes 2,3 days. 

For the withdrawal only 

  • Direct deposit: With direct deposit, you can withdraw money from $100-$2000 with fees cut according to the amount. The transaction takes 15 days. 
  • CashApp: The withdrawal limit via cash app is $100-$2000 without cutting any fees. The transaction takes 24 hours only. 
  • Check: Withdrawal limit is $100-$3,000 with a cut in fees for the transfer. The transaction takes 15 days via check.