Bonuses available in of Bodog


Bonuses Available in of Bodog

Bodog is the first choice for bettors, this website was made many years ago but it took some time for it to come into recognition.

After it came into recognition the website was really very famous and it gained a real name in the gambling industry. But as time passed more websites came into the competition and the demand for the app fell a bit. 

In spite of being an old app still, many bettors choose this site, this is because it is all in one app, this site has all kinds of casino and gambling games including a poker room, racebook, and other casino games. 

All websites offer some kind of bonus to their customers, this bonus helps their customers to always bind with the site as well as it also attracts the nonusers. This bonus depends upon the site to site and also from time to time it keeps on changing according to the circumstances. Also not only one but there are various types of bonus.

Let’s know about few types of bonuses:

Welcome Bonus

Bodog welcome bonus is confirmed 100% and you will surely get some amount of money

When you sign up first on the Bodog site, at that time in order to encourage you and to keep you attached with the site. This offer can be of any type, usually, they offer some bonus cash upto $3000 which you can redeem after the first deposit.

The welcome bonus is confirmed 100% and you will surely get some amount of money. This doesn’t end here. Along with this offer Bodog has other welcome offers also. Also, usually for different betting games, Bodog offers different offers. This helps to encourage the players of different games and betting areas.

Referral codes

Referral code is not a new word, so you might be knowing it very well, but what is its role in Bodog? 

In Bodog, when you suggest someone to join this site using your referral code, then you will get a bonus on it.

Referral code is unique for every user and as much as you suggest people join the site using your referral code the more bonus you will get. Also, when your friend makes a deposit then the value of your referral code will be 200% more than they deposit.


Bodog also offers coupons to their customers, especially for customers who play on mobile phones. They place a few conditions and if you fulfill then you will get a coupon from the site.

Like, the very recent condition was that you have to pay $250 between Monday to Thursday and if you do so then you will get a coupon of $10. However, this bonus and coupons keep on changing and the conditions too, but one thing is sure that you will always get some kind of gift offers on the site.

These coupons and bonuses help customers to get some kind of help while playing, as well as it is fruitful for the site also. But when you get the chance to redeem the bonus, grab it.